Empowering Portraits:

Celebrating Women Over 40.

Unlock the Power of Your Story Through Captivating Portraits

Are you ready to capture your timeless beauty and strength? Our "Empowering Portraits" promotion is here to celebrate the incredible journey of women over 40, just like you. Embrace your unique story, embrace your journey, and let us create stunning magazine style portraits that reflect your confidence and authenticity.

Why Empowering Portraits?

Life is a tapestry of experiences, and each line on your face tells a story of wisdom, laughter, challenges, and triumphs. Our aim is to capture the essence of who you are today – a strong, remarkable woman full of grace and self-assurance. This promotion is not just a photoshoot; it's an experience designed to uplift, inspire, and empower you.

What's Included

Professional Photoshoot:

Our skilled team will make you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera, guiding you through poses that highlight your best features.

Magazine Style:

Channel your inner celebrity with our magazine-inspired setup, creating portraits that are elegant, glamorous, and timeless.

Expert Styling:

Our makeup artists and stylists will work their magic to ensure you look and feel absolutely radiant.

Personalized Atmosphere:

We believe in capturing the real you. Share your stories, passions, and ideas with us, and we'll tailor the photoshoot to reflect your personality.

Retouched Images:

Choose your favorite portraits from a curated selection of professionally retouched photos, capturing your beauty in every detail.

Product Reveal

Cherish your portraits as stunning prints or share them digitally with loved ones.

Meet the Photographer: Shawn Kemple

I am an award-winning photographer dedicated to portraying the strength, grace, and individuality of women over 40 through captivating magazine-style portrait photoshoots. My lens is a storyteller, crafting visual narratives that embrace the wisdom and beauty that come with age. This campaign is more than photography; it's a movement to redefine societal perceptions of women as they age. Let's collaborate to create stunning portraits that inspire and empower, capturing the essence of your unique journey and personality. Book your experience today and let's celebrate the remarkable woman you've become.

Limited-Time Offer

I'm offering this exclusive promotion for a limited time to celebrate the extraordinary women over 40 in our community. Don't miss this chance to embrace your journey and create lasting memories.


How Much Doest It Cost?

I'm offering the 40+ special promotion package for just $299. (A retail value of $500)

What Does it Include?

Hair & Makeup
Photoshoot with Shawn
Image Reveal
Your Story Featured
Membership to VIP Facebook Group

Join the Movement

Let's redefine beauty standards together. It's time to showcase the strength, wisdom, and elegance that come with age. Join us in celebrating the remarkable women over 40 through our Empowering Portraits promotion.